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Deconsolidation Services

What is Deconsolidation?

Deconsolidation is the process of breaking down bulk international shipments into multiple outbound shipments for final inland delivery directly from the port of entry to a store or distribution center. Move distribution decisions closer to demand and reduce facility costs when you use deconsolidation services. Transload containerized import shipments to domestic transportation modes and reduce inland transport costs, or distribute inbound containerized shipments to multiple final destinations from our facilities near the port of entry. Deconsolidation enables our customers to take advantage of the following inventory management techniques: DC-Bypass, Merge in Transit (MIT), and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI).


Benefits Affecting Your Bottom Line: Deconsolidating container loads of your products reduces transportation costs, improves total cycles times, adds flexibility and avoids costly charge backs. We will distribute by truck or rail throughout North America using your exact specifications.
Reduced Transportation Costs: By using our company to transload ocean containers into domestic 53 trailers, you can gain efficiencies on the domestic inland by reducing the number of deliveries to the retailer distribution center or store by almost 2:1.
Improved Total Cycle Times: By allowing KPWS to manage the flow of your import merchandise in a just-in-time scenario, KPWS customers can eliminate the need for safety stock at retail stores and distribution center locations. Customers can integrate their workflows, save re-handling time and minimize points of distribution.
Increased Flexibility: KPWS Customers can postpone their final allocations from when the purchase order is loaded in the ocean container at origin, to a point in time when the goods actually arrive at the port of entry which allows the KPWS customer to benefit from postponement of the distribution to better meet customer demand.
Retailer Compliance: You can avoid costly charge backs by using our deconsolidation service to properly manage the retailer compliance guidelines. We provide bar code labeling, EDI messaging, delivery routing compliance, ship window
management, and other quality assurance services.